Sunday, March 27, 2005

Friends, Fellowship and San Antonio

Well, it has been a few days and no posts. I know that this blog thing is new to me and I can't seem to stay on top of it yet. I guess it doesn't matter. This is my deal and I don't have anyone to answer to, right? We took a family trip to San Antonio Texas for my husand to lead music in a vesper service at Max Lucado's home church Oak Hills Church . Let me tell you the people at this church love the Lord and love each other. There was so much happiness and true Spirit around these people. I was touched at the realness that eminated from this group of people. There is such a love that is very evident and overflowing. It touched me to my soul and made me want to be a better person. I know that is is the Lord's light shining through them. Max's wife is such a gem. She prayed over us one night and the Holy Spirit was shining like a beacon from her soul. What a beautiful woman, inside and out. I met a lady named Cheryl that had to be the most gracious hostess ever. She was prepared for whatever request we had. I am displaying these feelings with such affection to say with all the love from my heart... "THANK YOU". Thanks to the church staff for taking care of us. Thanks to the Lucado's for inviting us, Thanks to the Green's for dinner and fellowship, and mostly thanks to the Lord for allowing me to meet the friendliest people in America! (by my vote- and here, it's the only one that matters.) My husband Mark has a great summary of Max's service on his blog


*The Blogstar said...

Good to see you blogging Steph. I'm trying to get Jen into it...maybe you could help. haha

See you soon.

Paula said...

Hi Stephanie
Not sure how I found your blog...probably while I was "web drifting". Anyhow, it looks promising - and blogging does grow on you...I was shocked to realise that I've been at it for nearly 6 months now! I look forward to seeing your blog grow.

God bless,

Tracy said...

I have been there too and left changed. It isn't like I haven't been to authentic churches but those people obviously have it going on from Monday through Saturday. It makes a HUGE difference in the atmosphere on Sundays. I am thrilled that your family had a great time. It makes me sad to know that this church gets a lot of criticism from other churches and even has "hate" websites devoted to it.

Great blog. I LOVE the title.

Anonymous said...

where does Max Lucado practice his ministry. I am new to Austin but I understand it is in San Antonio