Saturday, January 03, 2009


Have you ever met a friend you just clicked with. It can be hard to make good friends that you know you will have no matter what happens. Well, this week I found just that in Heather. We have several things in common that I discovered as we were up in the mountains all week.
1) she is a laid back mom, like me
2) she likes to sit and chill out
3) she crys at sappy movies
4) she loves fashion

those are some just to name a few. we also have several differences, nothing that is irritating, just different. She is a good listener, whereas, I am a talker. She enjoys hiking, I enjoy the outside but not so much hiking (we are taking baby steps). I love hotels, she loves to camp!!! See, things that we can teach each other about.

I am excited about our adventure in friendship. I love that there is no drama, it is honest, real and fun. I have enjoyed teaching her about the South and learning more about California and cooking. I don't say this kind of stuff much but I do know that the Lord has ordained this relationship and that we are forever friends no matter where life takes us. So to my friend Heather- you are loved.


whittakerwoman said...

Wow, I am not words of affirmation but I feel so loved! My list... I love fashion, Did you see what I wore all week. Thanks for being so kind because I know that statement was not birthed from this week! And you were not suppose to tell the world that I cry... Come on I have a image to uphold. :)

Missy said...

Just found your blog and I love it!

Michelle said...

Here's on for your "Ask Me"- how did you and Heather meet?